32 Saturday 24 November 2012 Alexander Vardimon Tel Aviv Israel Rachel Sarig Tamer Brosch Tel Aviv Israel Evidence based guidelines for Invisalign treatment philosophy The presentation will cover three research studies related to Invisalign treatment philosophy 1 Aligner tooth force transmission 2 Interproximal contact areas 3 Enamel thickness in relation to interproximal reduction IPR These studies provide an insight into practical questions such as Aligner wearing duration contact area location and amount of enamel removal Prof Alexander Vardimon is the head of the Department of Orthodontics School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University The Department offers an international postgraduate program in orthodontics This 3 5y English program leads to Master in Orthodontics or PhD degrees His presentation is based on these research studies Prof Vardimon published abundant original articles in leading orthodontic journals as well as many chapters and Textbooks and is a reviewer of major orthodontic journals He is the recipient of the Helen and B F Dewel Award from the American Journal of Orthodontics Dentofacial Orthopedics Conference

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