5Programme overview Saturday 24 November 2012 Time Topic Scientific conference I 9 00 TaeWeon Kim Seoul Korea Nils Stucki Bern Switzerland eCligner English 9 40 Boris Sonnenberg Stuttgart Germany 10 years of Invisalign 9 55 Knut Thedens Bremen CA CLEAR ALIGNER 2012 Evolution of a successful treatment concept 10 35 Mareike Simon Köln Germany Christoph Bourauel Jörg Schwarze Bonn Cologne Germany Effectiveness of Invisalign a biomechanical and clinical study 10 45 Discussion 10 55 Coffee break Time Topic Scientific conference II 11 25 Julia Haubrich Cologne Germany Combination treatment with Invisalign therapy Carriere Distalizer 11 40 Ronald Jonkman Roosendaal Netherlands eClear mtm an advanced aligner system based on the proven Essix treatment method 12 20 Werner Schupp Cologne Germany The importance of static and dynamic occlusion in orthodontics 12 40 Rolf Hinz Herne Germany Active screw aligners 13 00 Presentation of the DGAO Research Award 13 15 Lunch break

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