10 SPEAKERS Erwin Keeve Berlin Germany Keynote speech the future of robot guided surgery Friday 21 November 2014 13 35 hrs 3D x ray imaging has established itself in clinics and practices during the past ten years It has become an integral part of diagnostics and is increasingly also being used for the planning of cranio and maxillofacial interventions In future these systems will be used more often intra operatively to accompany the surgical implementation of planning New intervention techniques will be opened up in combination with robot guided instruments In this presentation the technological developments from numerous research institutes will be described to show how intra operative 3D x ray imaging could develop over the next few years In specific technical innovations in robot guided surgery will be presented which allow precise surgical implementation of surgery planning with the assistance of navigated surgical instruments The presentation will also give us a look into the robot surgery theatre of the Charité which is being equipped with parts of the technology presented over the coming years Erwin Keeve is an engineer and computer scientist He is professor of Navigation and Robotics at the Charité University Medical Facility Berlin The focus of his work is applied research and development for image guided and minimally invasive surgery Prof Keeve if founder of the SiCAT KG and HiCAT GmbH companies and developed the first digital volume tomography system as well as the first open 3D x ray unit ORBIT He received the Innovation Award for Medical Engineering for his research in the field of intra operative imaging Before that he researched and taught at the University Clinic Oslo and the Harvard Medical School among others Erwin Keeve studied electrical engineering and graduated in 1996 under Stanford professor Bernd Girod and Max Planck Director Hans Peter Seidel in electrical engineering and computer sciences at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg Then he moved to the Harvard Medical School in Boston USA In 1999 he was asked by the Research Centre caesar in Bonn to establish the department of medical engineering and returned to Germany In 2007 he followed an invitation of the University Clinic Oslo as visiting professor to the Interventional Centre for minimally invasive surgery In 2008 he accepted the Fraunhofer Foundation professorship at the Charité University Medical Facility Berlin for navigation and robotics and returned to Germany again

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